Board of Review is scheduled by appointment only.
Please call once you have received your assessment notice.

Board of Review

Bill Thompson, Atlas Township Assessor

Vacancy, Member

Jana Waters, Member

Jim Slade, Member


J. Michael Rembor, Alternate


Board of Review Annual Statutory Dates

March Board of Review - Tuesday following the first Monday in March or another chosen date of that same week.  These dates and times are shown on your "Assessment Change Notice" and are also published in the local newspaper. You may appeal by letter as long as the letter is received by the last date shown.

July Board of Review - Tuesday following third Monday in July. These meetings are held for correction of the Homeowners Principal Residence exemption, of clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact and for poverty exemptions.

PA 74 of 1995 authorizes July (and December) BOR to hear appeals for poverty exemptions, but not for poverty exemptions denied by the March Board of Review. Applies to current year only. [211.7u].

December Board of Review - Tuesday following second Monday in December. Same criteria as July Board of Review